Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening has been offered in this office for over 20 years. It should be noted that like any cosmetic procedure, there are limits to its effectiveness depending on an individuals circumstances. Not everyone is a candidate for whitening, the reasons are discussed as well as the effectiveness and limitations of the various approaches to whitening; Tray or Light Activated. Although side effects are very rare, we will discuss the potential risks with you and what is necessary prior to whitening in terms of your oral health. Existing fillings, veneers, bondings, etc. could create issues as well. We will discuss the complications of these, as well as gum disease, cracked and worn teeth with the process.

If you are interested, we will evaluate you for this at the time of your exam or any other time you wish to consider the process. Presently, we use the Discus Dental Products for whitening including ZOOM2! – and have achieved very nice results with these products, with no side effects. (ZOOM2! Is a registered trademark of Discus Dental LLC).